Gavin On Fire

Under 9 Grey Clonee United 11 – 5 Stamullen.

On a windy wet day Saturday morning all seemed to be shaping up very well as the under 9 team came on to the pitch while the MGL were holding trials on the pitches adjacent.
Stamullen started well and scored two quick goals as they stormed into an early lead. Clonee United though kept their shape with Lorcan Dunne resolute at the back and assisted by Conor Ash in Midfield covering back. Kristian Cooper started in goal. And Adam Curley was finding it tough to get into the game in the first five minutes. Shane McCormack came on upfront and Gavin Newell joined Conor Ash in the middle to give Osman El Hassan a rest. This proved to be a catalyst as Gavin took control of the game and controlled the left as Conor mirrored him on the right. Gavin Newell helped himself to a quick hatrick of goals all from distance and the tide seemed to turn.
In the second half Shane McCormack went in goal and an invigorated Adam Curley came on and grabbed himself three well taken goals. Gavin Newell added a fourth for himself early to settle the nerves and then the fire cracker that is Kristian Cooper grabbed a couple of on the spot goals and Osman El Hassan “Ossie” came into his own and also bagged a brace (2) goals as Clonee United the dominated the game. Conor Ash made the Clearance of the game according to many watching. Lorcan Dunne was an engine in midfield when we needed to control the middle and Shane McCormack made some good stops to keep the visitors at bay.
Overall a great game, all of the team can be very proud of this result. Thank you also to the parents and a nice display of umbrella’s on show.
Probably the hardest job was keeping score but Kayleigh Dunne had an abacus handy!
Well done to the referee Charlotte also officiating for the first time this season.